Smart Stainless Steel Heated Travel Mug 300ML, Temperature Control Heating, Coffee Warmer, Thermal Mug

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Imagine when you travel and you need to carry a boiling water kettle, thermos, milk warmer, baby bottle warmer, mug, and so much more.
Oh no, all of that sucks, and now you can do it all with just one portable mug, whether it's boiling water, instant water, warm milk, breastmilk, coffee, cereal, lemonade, etc.

Along with a digital thermometer that gives temperature readings in real-time, SANNCE smart stainless steel travel mug also has 10.14 ounces capacity, larger than other travel mugs, as well as an easy-to-use touch display, so the temperature can be controlled easily.

Don't let that coffee get cold.

No one likes their coffee room temperature.

Main Features:

  • Stainless steel mug includes charging cable, keeps beverage warm for up to 10 hours, controls temperature from the mug
  • The leak-proof lid is dishwasher safe
  • Temperature range: 45 °C - 100 °C
  • Six levels of selectable control temperatures: 45 °C, 55 °C, 70 °C, 80 °C, 90 °C, 100 °C
  • Intelligent protection mode: Anti-dry burn protection, dynamic monitoring of water temperature, overpressure protection, water leakage prevention
  • Low power, low decibel, 300W fast heating
  • Time to boil cold water: Approximately 5 minutes
  • Exhaust hole design: Exhaust steam to prevent excessive internal pressure
  • Anti-slip loop pad: shock absorption and noise reduction, anti-slip and stable
  • Large capacity: 300ml / 10.14 oz
  • Portable size: Height 20cm, width 7cm
  • Hand wash