Precision & Portable Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The smart scale with app is equipped with 4 high precision sensors, providing accurate body composition readings. Weight measurement from 11 lbs. (5 kg) to 396 lbs. (180 kg). The scale calculates weight and BMI automatically and helps you to find the right balance.


18 Essential Measurements

The digital scale measures body weight, BMI, body fat rate, water rate, muscle ratio, bone mass, metabolic protein rate and more. It displays graphs that track progress in these various metrics, so you can have long-term monitoring on your body health.


Stay Connected to Your Wellbeing

Download AIfit App for your iOS/Android smartphone or tablet, and then you can track your weight, fat mass, moisture, and other physical dates whenever. You can immediately know your body condition as soon as you step on the smart scale.


One Scale for the Whole Family

The Bluetooth Smart Scale allows you to track up to 8 users’ weight and health information through multiple accounts/profiles. Share the portable scale for body weight with your family and friends and keep fit together.


Clear LCD Screen & Tempered Glass

With a large, backlit display screen, you can easily read the weight when you step on the smart scale. Solid tempered glass is safe to use.


How to Use

Step 1. Download & launch AIfit App from the Apple Store/Google Play.

Create a user name and then turn on the Bluetooth for pairing.

Step 2. Step on the Smart Scale.

Take off shoes and socks, then step on. Standing on the corresponding contact points for several seconds.

Step 3. Pair Smart Scale with your smartphone

The app will automatically synchronize the data of the smart weighing scale. There are 18 kinds of physical data on the phone.