How Does The Influencer Program Work

1. Sign Up
Fill out form by clicking Sign Up
2. Promote Our Brand
When approved, promote Easehlod on your website or social media with a link, banner or text ad.
3. More Popularity
Attract more followers and getting more exposures by promoting our products.

Program Perks

  • Exclusive access to free products and launches
  • Occasional gifts and other surprises to show our appreciation for you
  • Invitations to private events we host just for Easehlod influencer
  • Opportunities for cross-promotions, giveaways and other partnerships

We Are Waiting For You!

Regardless of who you are or what you are doing, the most important thing is that you are just as excited about what we do and about our mission as we are. With that in common, the partner program is a great way for you to grow together with us!


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