How to maintain a clean face with vanity mirror

Mornings and evenings are best suited for cleaning our face. Morning cleansing aims to remove the impurities that were accumulated during the night due to the natural process of skin renewal and excretion. Cleansing in the evening removes old surface cells of skin, impurities, and dust, makeup, and bacteria.

Avoiding regular cleaning, especially before going to bed, leaves the pores closed and the natural secretion is not possible. The problems of the skin begin as a consequence of irregular cleaning.

Choosing the right face car

Some parts of the face (an area around the eyes, lips …) have especially thin and gentle skin, so they need special care. These facial parts are more sensitive and deserve special attention.


Primarily: removing makeup

The best way to clean your makeup is using the Easehold Led Lighted Vanity Mirror. It helps to see every deficiency on your face in dark or poorly lit areas. The Led lights are controlled by the touch sensor switch on the mirror screen. So it is a very useful and practical product and a perfect gift for ladies.

In order to respect the natural balance of our face, it is recommended to use a pH neutral remover remedy, specially formulated for gentle cleansing of the skin.


Milk for skin cleansing

The milk helps in effectively cleaning the face, gently removing the impurities without the risk of irritation. Also, it hydrates and leaves a feeling of freshness on the skin.


Micellar water to clean the face

More and more popular: the name micellar water comes from spherical liquid crystals or micelles. Micellar water contains surfactant molecules (cleaning agents), one end of which is hydrophilic and attracts water, and the other lipophilic and attracts the mass components formed in the beads. They’re great cleaners.


Mandatory tonic after cleaning

Tonics restore the balance of the skin and prepare it for the care that follows. Try to avoid alcohol-containing preparations.


How to remove waterproof makeup from a sensitive area?

In summer the waterproof mascara is very popular and requires special products. Namely, the skin of the eyelashes and eyes is extremely sensitive and therefore it is necessary to use preparations that will remove impurities, and yet preserve and nourish the gentle skin. Therefore, there are means for removing makeup from the eyes: mono-phase cleaners for classical and two-phase for waterproof mascara.

If and how much dirt is removed, you will see only with the Easehold Led Lighted Vanity Mirror.


Exfoliating impeccably cleanses the face

A suitable peel is preferably used once or twice a week. It must be effective, but it’s still gentle and nourishes the skin. An ideal is the pH neutral peeling that greatly softens and cleanses the skin and respects its natural balance.


Hydration is necessary

Regular use of moisturizing masks keeps the skin fittingly healthy. Masks are rich in active ingredients that will ensure that the skin is healthy and youthful in the deeper layers.

Let’s repeat: three steps are important in skin care – cleaning, toning, and hydration

Make sure that the products you choose are mild substances that will not irritate the skin and disturb its hydrolysis layer. Because of the rapid pace of life, we think that the proper skin care demands a lot of time: make a simple routine and remember that one of the most important things about the skin is its regular maintenance.



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